Airali BrutAlta Langa Docg

Classic Method

Certified origin, limited production and hand-harvesting of the grapes make Alta Langa a unique, premium artisanal spumante. The aim is to faithfully interpret the uniqueness of the factors that express the personality of each harvest.

This is why Alta Langa is marketed exclusively as “millesimato” (made with the grapes of a single harvest), with the label indicating the year of production. As a result of at least 36 month in-bottle ageing on the yeasts, this elegant, soft, complex wine has a fine perlage, is typically sapid and long-lived.


Falstaff – 91 (2019)
Sparkle 2024 – 5 sfere (2019)

Technical data

Vitigno:100% Pinot Noir

Territorio:Alta Langa is a hilly area in the south of Piedmont, with sedimentary calcareous marly soil. Starting in 1990, a research project backed by Piedmont’s wineries and Regional Administration saw the planting of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards, the environment here being optimal for the production of a premium quality spumante obtained with classic method bottle fermentation. This technique, well known in Piedmont, the birthplace of Italian spumante, has been practiced for almost two centuries.

Refinement:at least 36 months on the yeasts.

Temperatura di servizio:8-10° C.