The people

The present and the future of Tenuta Carretta

Tenuta Carretta is a winery embedded in a fascinating and evocative environment, but above all it is a winery made of people. People who collaborate together for the achievement of a single, shared objective: produce high-quality and important wines that are pleasant and enjoyable to drink. Beginning with the property, which is owned by the Miroglio family (Edoardo and his wife, Ivana who is the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, and their children Marta and Franco). Next there are the managerial figures: CEO Giovanni Minetti, Export Manager Enzo Agresta, Director of Sales – Italy Marco Sassano, Technical Director Paolo Scaiola and Rocco Surace, Managing Director Davide Chiarle and of course each of their respective teams.

It’s our people that always makes the difference. Their dynamism, their ideas and their desire to share them and put them into practice. To always do good with competence, professionalism and passion because in the vineyard and in the cellar, you have to be able to interpreting each harvest; the characteristics of the grapes that will be transformed into a quality product, in the office and on the market to work efficiently and effectively with transparency to meet the needs and tastes of the consumers all while respecting tradition and the vocation of the territory.

The teams

President e General Manager:
Ivana Brignolo Miroglio – president
Giovanni Minetti – general manager

Oenology team:
Paolo Scaiola, head winemaker – Rocco Surace, production manager – Alessandro Duretto, winemaker – Maurizio Chiarle, winemaker assistant – Luigi De Bonis, upkeep manager

Agricultural team:
Giuseppe Cavallo, vine growing consultant – Alessandro Monteleone; Silvano Traversa; Ioan Chirila; Dragomir Enchev Slavov; Atanas Valev Atanasow; Angelo Castiglione.

Italian sales:
Marco Sassano, italian market manager – Giuseppe Delprino, italian customer office – Marco Donati, area manager – Giampiero Gallesio, sales network coordinator and executive customers – Silviu Marcus, wine shop and visits – Monica Anselmo, sales administration

Foreign sales:
Enzo Agresta, export manager – Franca Occhetti, export department – Gaia Manno, export department assistant

Davide Chiarle, administrative manager – Elisabetta Asteggiano, administrative service – Enzo Chiola, logistics

If all this happens, it is possible thanks to the passion of the Miroglio family