Villa Garassino

Country Residence

A modern farmhouse, with a romantic pool, nestled in the Barbaresco hills. A country house to relax and enjoy the natural wonders of the Langhe. An excellent location for weddings. A large and multi-functional space for catering, cooking lessons, receptions, conferences, and meetings. A wine bar with dozens of the local and international labels, including Tenuta Carretta, Malgrà and Edoardo Miroglio.

Villa Garassino is the latest undertaking from the Gruppo Terre Miroglio. It is a multifaceted location focused on welcoming tourists to the Langhe. Located in Treiso, with stunning panoramic views, it is the ideal homebase for exploring these UNESCO World Heritage hills and the towns that continue to uphold the centuries of winemaking traditions that define the area. Alba, the capital of the Langhe is a few kilometres away, as are Barbaresco and Barolo, the two beating hearts of the King and Queen of wine.


Bistrovino is the gourmet restaurant of Villa Garassino. It is dedicated to the great Food & Wine combinations that ennoble the cuisine of Langhe and Roero. Bistrovino is the perfect place to savor Piedmontese cuisine in a modern and comfortable environment, suitable for all moments to share.


Villa Garassino


Strada Rizzi, 18
12050 Treiso (CN)

Tel: +39.0173.328185
Cell: +39.345.0056512
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