A Mosaic of Wine Tourism: Tenuta Carretta, the Hospitality of Piemonte

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Guided tours, vine trekking and tastings – but also charming rooms and gourmet dining. Welcome to Tenuta Carretta, a “constellation of experiences, taste, and elegance” where you can immerse yourself in Piedmontese hospitality in all its facets.

Choose your experience and come visit us!

Tastings and Tours

In our Wine Shop, you can choose from various “tasting flights” exciting relays of glasses designed to guide guests through flavorful journeys discovering our wines, from classic routes to thematic ones, exploring the wines of Langhe and Roero.

But there’s more – Tenuta Carretta also offers more dynamic experiences: opt for a “Michelin-starred” picnic among the vineyards, featuring delicious sandwiches by chef Flavio Costa, or – if you’re a nature lover – don’t miss the chance to walk the Grape’s Road, an enchanting vine trekking trail through the vineyards of Roero.


Locanda Carretta in Cannubi 

Managed by the Bertolini family, nestled among the vineyards of one of the region’s most famous crus, Locanda Carretta in Cannubi offers a perfect slice of Piedmontese hospitality. The restaurant, a little gem showcasing local cuisine paired with our most iconic wines, is complemented by three rooms and a small apartment with a large terrace and panoramic views of the vineyards.



Villa Garassino 

A modern and romantic agriturismo with a pool, among the hills of Barbaresco; a country house to relax and enjoy the wonders of the Langhe; a wine shop featuring a selection of the best local wines: Villa Garassino is the perfect starting point for exploring the UNESCO World Heritage hills, just a few kilometers from Alba, the capital of the Langhe, Barbaresco, and Barolo, iconic locations of their respective wine designations.



Ristorante 21.9

Open for both lunch and dinner, Flavio Costa’s Ristorante 21.9 is an elegant and intimate space where innovative cuisine meets tradition with creativity and passion. Awarded a Michelin star, his cooking celebrates the excellences of Liguria, his homeland, and the Langhe, his adoptive home.




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