A new, iconic label: Tenuta Carretta presents Barolo Riserva Cannubi 2018 Collezione Franco Miroglio

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The centuries-old history of Tenuta Carretta is closely intertwined with tradition. Like the one tied to the oldest Nebbiolo vineyards in Cannubi, planted in 1959 and vinified with the great 1961 harvest.

Today, Tenuta Carretta owns four vineyards on the Cannubi hill – covering a total area of 2.6 hectares – in the most distinctive part of the MeGA, dedicated to the production of Barolo DOCG Cannubi and Barolo Riserva DOCG Cannubi Collezione Franco Miroglio. These two wines not only interpret our style but also stand as emblems of the invaluable viticultural heritage of the Estate and its commitment to preserving it. 

The uniqueness of Cannubi stems from an unrepeatable combination of pedo-climatic factors, which are capable of giving life to wines that have become a symbol of the finest expressions of the denomination. The exposure and the particular position of the vineyards, protected from winds and the cold, together with the characteristics of the soil – dating back to the Tortonian period, rich in sand and marl, featuring an important presence of limestone (Sant’Agata Fossili Marl) endow the resulting Barolo with remarkable aromatic intensity and perfect balance between elegance and power. 

This unique context yields Barolo Riserva DOCG Cannubi Collezione Franco Miroglio, an iconic label of Tenuta Carretta. The greatness of this wine goes beyond its oenological value: it is a tribute both to the company’s wine-making tradition and to the memory of a great man, Franco Miroglio. A visionary entrepreneur and architect of the family’s success in the manufacturing and fashion industries, Franco Miroglio acquired Tenuta Carretta in 1985, commencing the family’s journey into the world of wine. This elegant and important Barolo Riserva was purposely created to honor his memory. 

Barolo Riserva Cannubi Collezione Franco Miroglio stands out for its intrinsic quality, but also for being a collectible item. With a limited yearly production of only 1,260 bottles, all numbered and signed, each year is distinguished by a different label, embellished by a fabric motif by Miroglio: an innovative fusion between the world of wine and fashion. This represents a great success for the company, adding further value and charm to a bottle that is already extraordinary and precious for its content. 


Barolo Riserva Cannubi Collezione Franco Miroglio is considered the most iconic label of Tenuta Carretta. This outstandingly complex and well-structured Barolo is aged for over 60 months, of which at least 36 are spent in oak barrels and 18 in the bottle. 

The 2018 vintage is recognized as a harmonious and powerful one, an important harvest that has given rise to wines of excellent structure while remaining delicate and balanced. From a climatic point of view, it is remembered for the cold spring, which delayed bud break, as well as a rainy and cool May. Rain alternated with sunshine, which mitigated high temperatures until the end of August, giving way to a late maturation characterized by hot and dry days as well as good diurnal temperature variation. The vines grew vigorously in these conditions, yielding perfect bunches with healthy, intact, and wellripened berries. The potential alcohol content of the grapes was high, especially for Nebbiolo grapes, as was the acidity:elements immediately suggesting the production of wines with very high expected quality. 

In the glass, the 2018 vintage reveals an intense garnet red color. The nose unveils a complex aroma of roses and forest floor, spices, chocolate, and coffee, with a subtle citrus note. The tannins are dense and silky, giving the wine fullness and harmony. 

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