Portraits of Tenuta Carretta: Elisabetta Asteggiano

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Originally from Diano d’Alba, a collaborator with the Terre Miroglio Group since 2012, Elisabetta Asteggiano has been an administrative employee at Tenuta Carretta since 2015.


Elisabetta, what path brought you to Tenuta Carretta? 

The path of life! I used to work in a software company; by luck and word of mouth, I found out about the open position and applied – the rest is history.

What struck you when you first arrived and what made you want to stay?

Undoubtedly the people. Here at Tenuta Carretta the work environment is positive and purposeful, and respect and complicity are felt at every level, from the colleagues to the owners. The serenity of good human connection in the workplace is not something I give for granted – you really do notice the difference when it’s there.

Has a lot changed since you arrived?

The wine world is always buzzing, and changes are a daily occurrence, even though the vision has always remained the same. Tenuta Carretta has always known how to keep up with the times; in the past decade, it has demonstrated a keen focus on progress in all its nuances – from technological advancements in the vineyard and cellar to the care of the personnel.

Elisabetta, to conclude our portrait: is there a wine from Tenuta Carretta that you are particularly fond of?

I choose two wines obtained from our cru monopole, geographical mentions whose vineyards are entirely owned by Tenuta Carretta. Among the whites, I really like our Canorei Roero Arneis DOCG Riserva, soft and fruity. However, my heart is with the reds: I have a soft spot for the Garassino Barbaresco DOCG, which I love to have with the whole meal – from appetizers to cheeses!

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