Portraits of Tenuta Carretta: Giuseppe Cavallo

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A Piedmontese native from Canale d’Alba, Giuseppe Cavallo is the head of agronomic management at Tenuta Carretta. Since 2007, he has been overseeing the company’s vineyards and hazelnut groves, monitoring every step of the plants’ life cycle.

Born and raised in the region of Roero, his roots run deep in these sandy lands teeming with history. 

Giuseppe, which kind of path led you to Tenuta Carretta?  

I am an agricultural technician and got my diploma from the agricultural institute in Grinzane Cavour. After various consulting experiences, I was called to join Tenuta Carretta in 2007 following several lucky coincidences. It was a period of transformation and of significant changes oriented towards achieving ambitious goals, and since then, our collaboration has grown stronger and closer. 

What struck you when you first arrived at the winery? 

I am originally from this area: I know the hills of Roero very well and Tenuta Carretta has always been one of the most representative wineries of this territory. Becoming part of such a significant project in person was an honor. What struck me most were the visionary approach, the determination to constantly grow and improve, and the patient work towards the common goal of enhancing the immense potential of our terroir. 

What has changed since your arrival? 

A lot has changed: the management, the structure, and the staff has increased. In short, we’ve grown. We’ve dedicated the right amount of time, we’ve worked diligently and managed to look much further ahead, opening up to new projects and exploring new horizons, including the cultivation of hazelnut groves and the region of Alta Langa. 

Your work requires keen sense of observation and deep knowledge of the vineyards. What sets Tenuta Carretta apart from the others? 

This might seem obvious, but it’s not: in this line of work, the difference is made through presence. You have to experience the vineyard, walk on it every day and learn to understand what it needs. The most important thing is to get out in the field and be versatile in the face of changes and challenges, year after year, project after project. 

And now, here comes a question we asked everyone: do you have a favorite Tenuta Carretta wine? 

Absolutely! I feel a special connection with our Alta Langa project, so the wines that are closest to my heart are those we produce from the 15 hectares we have in Cissone – not only the sparkling wines (Airali Brut and Airali Pas Dosé Alta Langa DOCG) but also Campofranco Langhe DOC Riesling.  

This project holds a piece of my heart: I witnessed it come to life and grow, and it was a great and courageous challenge for all of us. Cultivating vineyards at 650 meters is not easy: Cissone was considered an unsuitable area for viticulture, and many tried to veer us away from pursuing this path. Time has confirmed our intuition and we continue to achieve remarkable results in terms of quality and satisfaction from the vineyards in Alta Langa. 

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