Portraits of Tenuta Carretta: Franca Occhetti

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Franca Occhetti

Born in 1983, Franca Occhetti is a seasoned presence at Tenuta Carretta. Last year, she celebrated twenty years of service in the winery, where she manages orders, logistics, relationship with suppliers and customers. Originally from Monteu Roero, for Franca, wine has always been an integral part of her journey. Her family owns a winery in Roero and, as soon as she finished her studies, she started working for the Tenuta in Piobesi d’Alba.

Franca, how did you get to Tenuta Carretta?

I was incredibly lucky. After graduating from the Istituto Professionale per i Servizi Commerciali e Turistici in Alba, I heard that Tenuta Carretta had a job opening for its administration office. I applied and landed the job. It was 2002.

What was your job then?

I worked in the administration office, but I actually handled everything. The company was growing, and it was necessary to manage customers in Italy and abroad, handle winery tours, take care of logistics and nurture relations with the agents. I remember that I spent entire days on the phone to contact and provide support to the agents of Tenuta Carretta, both in Italy and abroad.

What changed in 20 years?

In the early 2000s, Tenuta Carretta was widely known in the province of Cuneo and in Northern Italy. It was one of the rising companies in Roero and market demand focused on local wines, especially Roero Arneis and Favorita. With time, many other wineries opened, and competition grew. But Tenuta Carretta managed to remain a reference point for the territory thanks to important investments: the acquisition of new vineyards, the creation of new products that opened new opportunities for us on foreign markets. At present, we are experiencing an increasing international importance of our wine and we definitely have to pay more attention to the needs and characteristics of the different markets.

What did you like most about Tenuta Carretta when you started working here?

I was struck by the Tenuta’s location: surrounded by majestic vineyards overlooking the hills of Piobesi d’Alba. Hailing from Roero myself, I have always taken pride in being able to work in such a splendid and elegant winery. I love being outdoors and working at the Tenuta cannot leave out being in contact with nature.

Just like in every Portrait dedicated to the Tenuta Carretta team, we would also like ask you to name your favorite label.

“My” wine is undoubtedly Cayega Roero Arneis Docg. The first label – and its new name – were perfected during my first years at Tenuta Carretta (the first vintage was from the 2004 harvest, ed.). It was a long and complex journey that involved production (for the characteristics of the product) and sales (for the naming and packaging): an important group and qualitative effort that yielded what has now become an authentic symbol of the territory, a Roero Arneis that combines freshness and elegance, perfect for any occasion. Cayega is my favorite label because I have witnessed it come to life and it has marked my professional journey more than any other.

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