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Why is Tenuta Carretta the perfect winery for Phase-3?

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With vineyards sitting just outside the cellar, a vine-trekking activity available, spacious restaurant halls and a huge courtyard, Tenuta Carretta is the perfect place to carry out your wine tourism activities in total safety.

Why is Tenuta Carretta the right facility for Phase-3? Because it is fortunate to have large multipurpose spaces and open-air wine tourism activities that fully comply with the recommendations of the new decrees and the need for social distancing.

Which activities can guests safely do at Tenuta Carretta?
Let’s see it in detail

A walk through the vineyards

Walking in the fresh air has never been this pleasant. It is the most ancient way of travelling, but is now considered as the most innovative one! Tenuta Carretta offers guests the opportunity to walk among the splendid vineyards of the Roero by following the path of its Grape’s Road, the first vine-trekking trail that guests can roam on their own, thanks to the available audio-guides which can be downloaded on their smartphone.

Grape’s Road is open to all, its path marked by poles and, thanks to the audio guide, each step is filled with information about the landscape, the vineyards and the history of the Tenuta.

Picnic among the vine rows

A day dedicated to vine-trekking can only end with a picnic among the vineyards. Flavio Costa, the Michelin-starred chef of Ristorante 21.9 and the bistrot La via del Sale (both housed within the walls of Tenuta Carretta) will be happy to prepare delicious baskets filled with gourmet treats. Each basket contains everything you will need for a lunch for two or for the whole family while lying on the grass: “stellar” sandwiches, water, wine, drinks and sweets. Lunch can be freely enjoyed among the beautiful vineyards of Tenuta Carretta.

For reservations: contact +39.0173.619119 – or e-mail:

Not one, but two restaurants

Tenuta Carretta houses two restaurants, both run by chef Flavio Costa: Ristorante 21.9 and the osteria La via del Sale. Both reopened last Friday, June 5. Thanks to the spacious halls and, above all, the magnificent courtyard, guests can safely have lunch or dinner while still observing the appropriate distance between the tables.

Ristorante 21.9 – Tel. (+39) 0173 38 72 00
Osteria La via del sale – Tel. (+39) 340 485 9039 – email:

What if I want to visit the winery?

No problem. Tenuta Carretta has made arrangements in order to be open to the public and organize visits, all while abiding by the rules in force. Visits are available every day upon reservation, until the maximum number of people is reached. Our tours are divided into different experiences, in accordance to our guests’ “thirst” for knowledge and depending on which wines to taste: classic, themed, unique, served with a cheese and salami platter.

And, don’t forget our Wine Shop. It is always open, offering the chance to taste and buy all the wines produced by the winery, as well as those made by the other two wineries owned by the Miroglio family: Malgrà winery located in the area of Asti, with its 35 hectares of vineyards between Mombaruzzo and Nizza Monferrato; and Edoardo Miroglio Winery found in Elénovo, in Thrace (Bulgaria).

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