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Tenuta Carretta Experience invites you to “Roero: territory, vineyards, wines”

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Wednesday, July 24th, Tenuta Carretta Experience invites you to a new “narrated tasting”: the protagonist is the Roero, an extraordinary land of vineyards and wines today in great form.

Welcome to Roero, the left bank of the Tanaro river! It is a hilly area, its profile is sharp and angular, and among the woods and vineyards, ochre-yellow outcrops suddenly appear. These are the Rocche, a geological phenomenon shaped by erosion that is typical of the area. From Cisterna d’Asti to Pocapaglia, these sandstone gullies “cut” through the hills, creating a spectacular landscape of stone and gorge, lush with vegetation.

An area that has always been suited to viticulture,  Roero has been profoundly re-evaluated over the last 30 years thanks to its particular soils: a mix of calcareous sands suitable for both white wines (in which the Roero Arneis DOCG excels) and red ones (Roero DOCG , Nebbiolo and Barbera d’Alba DOC just to name a few) which, in spite of more agile structures, they gain in finesse, aromaticity and freshness.

To celebrate Roero, a land that saw the birth of Tenuta Carretta in 1467, we have chosen to showcase the flagship wines of this area. Each wine will be accompanied by its story: history, land, position and characteristics that make it unique because it is an expression of the local terroir.


Accompanying these outstanding wines will be the Michelin-starred food of Chef Flavio Costa of 21.9, the restaurant hosted by Tenuta Carretta.

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Wednesday 24th July, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Roero: territory, vineyards, wines
Food by Flavio Costa, Ristorante 21.9

Le Rocche del Roero

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