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It Is Time For Vine-Trekking

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Tenuta Carretta | Vine trekking

With the arrival of long-awaited good weather, Tenuta Carretta invites you to explore our Vine-Trekking trails. Discover the wonderous landscape of vines and history through the Langhe and Roero, guided by an interactive app designed in Piedmont. Finish the journey with a refreshing glass of wine and good food!

Imagine trekking through one of the most spectacular hillside vineyards of Roero, with 360-degree views of the foothills as they lead to the snowcapped Alps, on a giornate sclinte, a local Piedmont term to describe those perfectly blue, crystalline days.

Next, imagine that the path is always open and free to access. Trail markers direct you on a loop that begins and ends at the cellars of the winery that own the lands.

Finally, imagine that with your phone you can interact with, in real time, to the story of the grapes, the landscapes and the territory around you.

Well you can stop imagining because all of this exists and is finally open to the public! Tenuta Carretta has recently inaugurated their vine-trekking trail and in collaboration with IZI Travel, a free mobile audio guide app used by museums and tours around the world, has launched a digital guide of the story of the trail.

The trail is called Grape’s Road and is the first digitally guided wine trekking experience in Piedmont.

It is an easy and accessible route. Divided into 11 stages, marked by trail signs, it begins and ends at Tenuta Carretta winery in Piobesi d’Alba, approximately 10 km from Alba, the capital of the Langhe. Ristorante 21.9 da Flavio Costa is housed on the winery’s premise, a good excuse to relax with some great food and wine after trekking.

The entrance to Grape’s Road is in the small square adjacent to the estate, where you can also park your car. It ends in the same square, where you are invited to explore the cellars and wine shop for a wine tasting or make a reservation at the restaurant.

The trail winds through the vineyards that surround the estate, climbing the ridge of Bric Paradiso and Bric Quercia and ending at the Podium, the site of the Podium Serrae that is cited in the winery’s original documents of 1467. Encounter vines of Nebbiolo, arneis and barbera at every bend. Each stage was designed, along with the audio guide, to showcase both the sweeping panoramas as well as the story of each vineyard or variety cultivated so that you can take in the beauty, understand the traditions and learn the technical nuances of Roero’s winescape.

Seven reasons to trek Grape’s Road

Grape’s Road is a unique wine-trekking trail!

  1. It is completely free, always open to the public during Tenuta Carretta’s opening hours and can be followed with ease thanks to the IZI Travel audio guide app, available for iOS and Android.
  2. It is a pleasant, non-demanding 2.1 km route that is easy and accessible to all. Complete it in around 1 hour and 45 minutes, walking at a comfortable pace.
  3. It is scenic. Discover the spectacular landscapes of vineyards that make up Roero, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  4. It is an opportunity to learn the history and traditions of the vines native to this area.
  5. It is part of Tenuta Carretta Winery, making it possible to reserve a cellar tour, a tasting of wines made from the vineyards you just traversed or a table at Ristorante 21.9 the Michelin-starred restaurant from Flavio Costa, to enjoy after trekking.
  6. It is the first trail in Piedmont that unites storytelling, vine-trekking, landscapes, history and tastings together in one experience.

There is nothing more to say than come and discover the Tenuta Carretta’s Grape Road experience for yourself! Happy Vine-Trekking!

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