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Tenuta Carretta (Piobesi d’Alba) celebrates 550 years

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A year of events and celebrations to commemorate the birth of one of Italy’s oldest wineries: Tenuta Carretta, established 1467

There aren’t many wineries in Italy that can boast of such a long and well-documented history. Owned today by the Miroglio family (Ivana and Edoardo together with their children Marta and Franco), Tenuta Carretta recently rediscovered documents that attest to its existence as far back as 1467. In the 14th century, the estate was already known as “Careta,” the name of the noblewoman from Alba, Careta Constanzi, who owned the farm in the second half of the 1300s. In 1461, ownership passed to the Damiano family who entrusted management of the estate “in loco dicto ad Caretam” to a third party in 1467. This is the first written evidence of the estate’s name and it’s the year that marks its birth. The land mentioned in the documents include vines that were highly valued at the time for the superb quality of the grapes grown there, like the current-day Podio vineyard (Podium Serrae). The grapes harvested there were reserved exclusively for the owner.

This year — 550 years later — Tenuta Carretta has marked its long history with a series of events over the spring and summer, opening its doors to wine lovers, tourists, lovers of the outdoors, and fans of fine dining. On September 18, the winery will hold an event devoted to trade members, foreign guests, and journalists: A big birthday party that will give the Miroglio family the opportunity to meet new and old friends of the Tenuta Carretta as they celebrate 550 years of a winery that is considered today to be one of Roero’s leading estates.

In the words of Tenuta Carretta CEO Giovanni Minetti:

“This is an extraordinarily momentous occasion and not only because this is one of Italy’s oldest wineries. It also represents a wonderful and unique opportunity to share what we do and the world that we work in — a winery that makes top wines following time-tested traditions. At the same time, the history of a winery is also part of our own history. The experiences of the past provide us with the groundwork needed to face the challenges of the present. And they give us a solid framework for building an even brighter future. But Tenuta Carretta is also part of a larger environmental movement, something that the Miroglio family continues to focus on in all of its different aspects. It’s all part of a ‘world of quality.’ From the guided hikes through the vineyards to the winery visits, from the estate’s restaurants (Flavio Costa’s 21.9 and the Locanda Carretta in Cannubi), to its hotel and its wine shop, every element represents a tile in formidable mosaic of over-arching quality. Obviously, as with all wineries, it’s people who make the difference at Tenuta Carretta thanks to their dynamic character, their ideas, and their desire to share and put their ideas to work. And it all starts with the family who owns this historic estate. The secret to their (not so secret) success is bringing together a team of passionate professionals who work in the vineyards, the cellar, and in the market with the same level of talent and devotion. It’s thanks to their efforts that each harvest becomes an expression of the vintage transformed into quality in the bottle. And this is exactly what we are doing, bringing together as much passion as we possibly can.”

Minetti adds: “As in any line of work, the future is in our hands and it depends on our ability. It’s a vision of touching tomorrow with our own hands. It’s the conviction that if we work hard, only good can come of it. I love to envision the future as a vine that’s been pruned, with one cane that will produce fruit immediately and two spurs that will produce fruit in subsequent harvests. It’s a powerful image that evokes the effort, the precision, the painstaking method, and the talent needed to create a well-made wine.”

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