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  • Tenuta Carretta
  • Tenuta Carretta
  • Tenuta Carretta
  • Tenuta Carretta
  • Tenuta Carretta
  • Tenuta Carretta

A 550-year-old history

Donna Carretta

Because of its name, for a long time it was believed that “Carretta” came from Celtic “car,” which means “stone,” referring to the banks of chalk that still today are near the entrance of the estate. But recent research into several medieval archives have uncovered the existence of a noblewoman (the “domina Careta”), proprietor of the land in the municipality of Piobesi (terre et prati scitam in finibus Pubbliciarum). The noblewoman, also cited by her last name (Constanzi), makes an appearance in a land transaction in Piobesi d’Alba in 1353 that was found in the archive of the Counts of Roero in Guarene. In the transaction, she is noted as the daughter of Alba nobleman Ruffino Capre and as widow of nobleman Manuele Constanzi, whose last name she took. A discovery made after this one of another land transaction from twenty years prior in 1334 also relates to the land in Piobesi. It cites several relatives of Careta Constanzi, presumably the grandmother of the “Carretta lady”.

The Costanzi were known as a wealthy family from nearby Alba with extended property in Castelrotto, Guarene, and Piobesi. Whether merit is given to the grandmother or her granddaughter, there’s no doubt that the estate takes its name from the noblewoman, its first owner.

As for cultivated crops, although even older findings have been uncovered (from the beginning of the 12th century) that confirm the existence of an initial nucleus of farmed land that stretched between Podio and Bric Paradiso in the municipality of Piobesi, a sharecropping concession dated November 28, 1467 prepared by the notary (on imperial authority: “publicus imperiali auctoritate notarius”) Giorgio di Monteacuto is considered the true starting point of the history of the estate. The proprietor of that time, count Andrea Damiano, consignor of Piobesi, conceded land to the Corrado brothers, Giacomino and Pietrino Porrino, to farm the land as its stewards. The land, part of the “cassina Careta,” was under their care for nine years.

Documento storico 28 Novembre 1467

In the transaction, which is an extraordinarily valuable historical document for its richness of detail, the obligations of the land stewards in cultivating the Tenuta’s land are described. In particular, every year the vineyards had to be pruned and trimmed; and the vineyards of the Podio were to remain reserved for the lord of the land, unimpeded (“salvo et reservato vites Podi Serre, de quibus se nil impedire teneantur et debeant”): this is a testimony to the quality of the vineyards “ante litteram,” unique in all the history of the region.

Benvenuti a Tenuta Carretta

In 1811, just under three and a half centuries later, the Damiano family ceded their property to the counts of the Roero, whose crest is still visible on the entrance of the Tenuta. In 1938, the property passed to the Veglia brothers from Turin, who breathed new life into it by introducing modern wine production with the first investments in a wine cellar. In 1967, with the work of enologist Umberto Ambrois, Tenuta Carretta produced one of the first 100% arneis wines.

The structures of the ancient “cassina” were restored with extreme care. The cellars were completely reconstructed at the end of the 1990s. The new structure, built in the depth of the hill, is divided into two large areas: one dedicated to vinification and bottling, and the other reserved for aging the wines in stainless steel, barrels, and bottles.

Among the wineries of the Roero and the Langhe, today Tenuta Carretta is considered one of the most prestigious and, with over 70 hectares of vineyards, also one of the largest.

A land to steal your heart

Giogio Bocca

Langhe and Roero are immense, much more vast and more infinite than maps and land registries show, because each of their serre, their bric, their woods and their vineyards has its own special features and mysterious micro-climate, its own memories of bishops and lords, of invaders and defenders, of church bells ringing in joy or mourning, of scents of harvests and mushrooms, of blue skies stretching to the snowcapped Alps.

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How to find us
Tenuta Carretta

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